Market stall manager

Its not all about digging!

Market stall manager

This role helps the Garden generate enough money to cover its annual bills – rent, water, seeds, sundries etc, and provides a real ‘shop window’ for the Garden and its produce.

The Stall Manager will run the Garden’s stall at Cobham’s monthly Farmers’ Market (usually from April/May to November) & Cobham's annual Heritage Day.  They will organise additional people to help operate these stalls.  The role includes:

•Plan and arrange to harvest produce in advance / on day

•Transport, build & dismantle stall & produce

•Engage with market organiser

•Notify members & social media of event and promote the Stall

•Agree a price list with the Business Leader or Head Gardener (based on commercial prices)

•Operate the stall on the day (or organise someone else to do it) and manage cash.

Ideal skills / qualifications:

Ideally experience of, or close involvement with running a market or fete stall or trade show stand  although this can be easily learned;

Organisational and delegation skills to ensure each event is planned for and delivered in a timely way;

Communication skills;

The enthusiasm to inspire others to participate in the stall and to encourage market visitors to buy;

IT literacy – basic (Word, Excel, etc.) for posters, price lists etc;

Financial literacy – to handle takings;

Some PR exposure/ideas

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