Marketing & Promotion

Its not all about digging!

Marketing & Promotion

The person/s delivering this role is vital to ensure that the Garden is no longer ‘Cobham’s best kept secret’ and becomes widely known so that new members come to garden there and visitors continue to support its events, creating a ‘buzzing’ community around the project.

The role holder will help the Business Manager and others to promote the Garden and its activities widely & appropriately – both generally & for specific events.  Including:

•Manage website

•Produce / edit editorial content (e.g. Look Local articles, etc.)

•Acquire press coverage as appropriate

•Promote using social media

•Notice boards

•Market research – what should the Garden be doing?

•Produce classified adverts if appropriate

•Maintain our excellent links with other supportive organisations (e.g. Mary Frances Trust, CDRA, CCHT etc.) and reach out to others.

Ideal skills / qualifications:

Ideally experience of successful PR/marketing of a community based project, but other marketing and PR experience will be very useful;

Be interested in growing food (not necessarily a gardener though), environmental sustainability; and community involvement;

Enthusiasm for the project and the ability to share their energy to get others involved;

IT, web and social media skills, plus their own equipment;

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