Preserves maker

Its not all about digging!

Preserves maker

Role holders will turn excess Garden produce into good quality preserves which are sold to raise funds to support the Garden.


Preserves makers work from home as and when the Garden produces bigger harvests than can be sold, so the majority of the work appears over Summer and early Autumn. 

It starts with rhubarb and progresses via strawberries, beans, beetroot, tomatoes, raspberries and suchlike so role holders will have the opportunity to create imaginative preserves as well as more traditional material such as strawberry jam and tomato chutney. 

The glut sometimes appears at short notice and it can feel a bit like ‘ready, steady, cook’ at times, but the satisfaction of buyers seeking out particular products is immense, as is the important income that sales generate.

Ideal skills / qualifications:

Ideally cookery and a food safety qualification - however common sense and good cookery skills in a clean kitchen will be very acceptable.

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