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Cobham Community Garden encourages the local community to become better engaged in growing and eating local, sustainably produced fruit and vegetables.


We seek to encourage the community to live a greener lifestyle through organic produce and Consumption, as well as through recycling, composting, reducing water use and waste.

We are a self-funded entity, a not-for-profit horticultural initiative. This means that we manage our gardens through community involvement, and sell our produce to its members at a discounted price. So, the more hours you spend in the garden, the more Discount you can earn!!


Our produce is as natural as we can make it, so you really are getting healthy fruit and vegetables from us (very rarely we may need to reach for some help from chemical products to keep things pest or disease free).


We encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to come and join us in the garden, or to help out with other duties from Management, recruitment, research, supporting our events, selling and buying our produce.


We do









Global Sustainable Development (SDG)


We may be a small community scheme, but We see ourselves playing a role in the bigger picture: working towards the sustainable development of Local communities (SDG 11) through responsible production & consumption (SDG 12) and the promotion of sustainable agriculture to improve nutrition and food security (SDG 1).


Oak trees from little acorns grow.

Find us


In the Borough of Elmbridge in Surrey, the 'green lung' at the heart of Cobham, the Leg O'Mutton field.














Opening Hours

Spring, Summer & Autumn

Thursday 10 - 12 & 2 - 4pm

Saturday 10 - 12 & 2 - 4pm



Thursday 10 - 12

Saturday 2 - 4pm




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