Its not all about digging!


Come and work in the garden.  It's fun & friendly and you don't need any prior knowledge.  We will give you whatever support you need to help you enjoy yourself and be productive during your working sessions.  If you are an experienced gardener then we'd love you to come and help guide others.

See our Resources page for more info.

Learn about how to prepare the soil, sow & plant crops, how to look after them and recognise when they are ready.  Or you could help teach others.

We won't ask you to do anything that's beyond your capability, so you can do as much as you wish and are able to do.  Very much "from each according to their ability". 

The garden is open on Thursday & Saturday for two 2 hour sessions; morning 10 - 12 & afternoon 2 - 4 pm.  We usually stop for a coffee & biscuit (but can't provide these) and a friendly chat.

Working in a garden is a very satisfying experience.  You are in the fresh air, taking exercise, and doing things that will give you sublime satisfaction; clearing a patch of weeds to reveal a neat row of carrots, sowing lettuce seeds that you later transplant, grow on and then pick & eat, learning how to train a cordon of tomatoes....