Head Gardener

Its not all about digging!

Head Gardener

This is a vital role in Cobham Community Garden to ensure that the Garden does what it says on the tin and produces crops for everyone to enjoy.  The role holder should be knowledgeable about growing – principally vegetables and fruit – and enjoy sharing it.  They will manage all aspects of growing things in the Garden, such as:

•Produce the annual planting plan

•Source materials (seeds, plants, compost, etc.)

•Plan and organise the annual cycle of work

•Participate in the work

•Guide other volunteers

•Liaise with Cobham Garden Club

They will also ensure that there is an appropriate stock of maintained gardening equipment.

They will participate in managing the budget of the organisation (in conjunction with the Business lead).

The Garden is managed with minimum synthetic inputs, maximising recycling and operating in the most sustainable way compatible with the conditions and resources available.

Ideal skills / qualifications:

Experience and/or qualification in growing vegetables (principally) and fruit (soft and top fruit).

Good communication skills

Garden planning/crop rotation skills

The ability to guide others in gardening jobs

Basic IT literacy – basic (Word, Excel, etc.)

The ability to help create a financial budget

Enthusiasm to encourage others to enjoy gardening