The idea of starting the garden originated from Transition Cobham in 2012.  It took three years of hard work to identify & negotiate the site, raise funds, gather volunteers and plan.

In September 2015 the fence was built and the gardens very first open day was on 17th October 2015.

Since then we have gradually transformed the grass site into a thriving & productive garden.  Why not have a look at our photos to see the progress.

Everything you might want to know about the Garden is here.

About Us

Cobham Community Garden aims to encourage the local community to become more engaged in growing and eating local, sustainably produced fruit and vegetables and to promote a greener lifestyle through recycling, composting, reducing water use, etc.

Anyone can come and join us either in the garden, helping with management, recruitment, supporting our events, etc.  Or support us by buying the produce.

We fund the garden through local grants and donations.it's free to join. 

Produce is as natural as we can make it; we try not to use chemical stuff on anything (but occasionaly may need to reach for some help) and we aim to encourage nature to keep things pest free - read about our principles here.


Our Portfolio tells you all about what we've been doing since we started.  Its a great read!  Download here.

Now there have been a few changes due to volunteer availability and Covid restrictions (2020-22)